Tree Puncher Review and Coupon Codes

Tree Puncher, maintained by Kerplunc Gaming and Kerplunc, offers a number of hosting services like the Game servers, VPS hosting, voice Servers, tree puncher minecraft server, Mincrafters and Minecraft Blogs.
With an additional RAM and processor power, tree puncher hosting services are very much affordable. Prices start from as low as $5.
Seek help and determine the best possible location
Currently hosting is offered in Europe, United States and Canada. With excellent tree puncher Coupon Codes, you can also seek help for determining the best speeds in different locations using the location speed test.
Servers are being hosted in highly professional datacenters on enterprise standards hardware. The uptime is simply fascinating with around 99.9%,
GameCP Panel
Change your settings and continue rebooting server using the fantastic GameCP panel. Try it out in the official demo.
Different modes of Payment
A variety of payment modes are offered like the Moneybookers, Billing, Cash and Check, AlertPay, PayPal and Credit cards. Billing is done on a regular basis every month and all bills are pre-generated.
Quick Setup
After receiving your orders servers are setup in no time. Your server information comes to you in minutes allowing you to make use of them right away.
Guarantee Factor
You get a full refund of your amount in case you have any issue with the product within seven days of purchase. You may contact the support department who would be more than happy to serve you.
Avail support for your Canary mod and Bukkit mod and enjoy personalizing your productslike installing your own plugins.

The GameCP interface allows you to update any install and at any time or choose an older version of minecraft.
Free Trials
Free Trials are offered for Minecraft servers.
Free Mumble
Each order gets a free ten-player mumble server. Once after the order, you will receive a guide on how to get free Mumble server.
Free Website
Every order gets a free website hosting. You will receive a guide on how to receive your free website hosting.
To sum up, Tree Puncher truly is one of the best hosting service providers. Hope this Tree PuncherĀ  minecraft review helps you chose the best web hosting service.

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