Minimum System Requirements for Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is quite CPU intensive. A computer that hosts a Minecraft server should be powerful enough for handling the load. There can be both single as well as multi-player servers. Then again, the system configuration determines how many players can play at the same time.

While the official system requirements for Minecraft Server have not yet been announced, the following is what has been derived from practical set-ups.

System requirements for single player:-

Most present-day computers can easily allow single-player Minecraft gaming. Some of the older ones can do too. Having a 1GB RAM or even 500MB, a single core 1GHz processor, upload and download speeds of 512kbps and 100MB of free disk space is quite sufficient.

System requirements for multi-players:-

When it comes to hosting a Minecraft server for multiple players, it is essential that you have some knowledge about networking and hosting. The upload speed supported by your system and internet connection, plays a major role in determining the number of players that can play at a time. The higher the upload speed, the more the number of people that can play simultaneously. The hard drives that ship with computers these days are spacious enough for handling multiple players. However, if you wish to beef it up, you can always go ahead with it. A dual core processor, with about 1.5GHz speed should be fine. However, if the speed is 2GHz or more, it should be better. The video card you use on the server does not make much of a difference, as graphics is rendered on the system on which the game is played. Many people prefer using the powerful AMD graphics processors and the newer NVidia cards. Even Intel GPUs are used on the gaming machines.

Here is a table which gives a rough idea of the minimum system requirements for Minecraft server hosting for multiple players. Generally, players are limited to 25-30 per server. However, there are a few extremely powerful servers that host up to 100+ players at one time. Such servers are however very expensive to set-up and maintain.

Players RAM Upload Speed Download Speed
2 500 MB or more 512 kbps 1 Mbps or more
3 500 MB or more 1 Mbps 2 Mbps or more
4 500 MB 2 Mbps 3 Mbps or more
6 1 GB 2 Mbps 3 Mbps or more
8 1 GB 3 Mbps 10 Mbps
9 2 GB 3 Mbps 10 Mbps
12 2 GB 4 Mbps 10 Mbps
15 2 GB 5 Mbps or more 10 Mbps
20 3 GB 10 Mbps 10 Mbps
30 4 GB 10 Mbps 10 Mbps

You could as well check this website for finding if you can host a Minecraft server.

Other general recommendations:-
  • Laptops are generally not preferred as Minecraft servers, as their specs are not as powerful as that of desktop computers.
  • Wired network connectivity is better than wireless ones, for ensuring reliable connections.
  • It is recommended not to play the games on the same computer, that hosts the server.
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14 Responses to Minimum System Requirements for Minecraft Servers

  1. Roos-Skywalker says:

    This sucks, my machine should be able to handle 30+ players but since my upload speed 700kbs is I can’t. My download speed is unlike the upload speed uberfast: 20Mbs.

  2. ninjas_bro says:

    Dose upload and download speed matter if everyone is playing on the same router?

  3. Noob says:

    Thank you! Very helpful!

  4. Lea says:

    I gotta Acer Extensa 5620 … you guys think it could handle a server? It would just be two people (me and my cousin), and we wouldn’t be playing on it all the time.

    I also have an old desktop from like 2002-ish. If I didn’t use that computer for ANYTHING else (which no one in my family currently does, it’s sitting in the garage) would it possibly hold a server?

  5. That guy says:

    That was really helpful, though I’m not sure whether I should run off my desktop or just buy something to run on the side since it says it wouldn’t recommend running a server on a computer you game with, but with a quad-core 8gb ram and a dl/ul of 30mbps it shouldn’t be too much of a problem? I would only have 20 players connected for the starting

  6. Jordan Elkamel says:

    My laptop has 6.50 mbps upload speed, 3 gigs dedicated RAM to the server, and 16-19 mbps download speed. SO should i wire up my laptop to host or what?

    2ghZ processor dual core

    please send me an email. THANK YOU

  7. Jordan Elkamel says:

    i forgot to mention whenever i break a block , it comes back and when i place one it goes away and i am an op and i am far enough on the server. this is apparently caused by server lag. PLEASE HELP

  8. Korgan says:

    I use my laptop to host, I have a wireless network, and I play MC on the same laptop that I host from, with no problems. Just so people know, if that’s what you have available- give it a shot, it’ll probably be fine.

    (Running on a Gateway NV53A, I host for about 3-4 people inc. myself.)

    • JeffSorrows says:

      Warning: I am not a 12 year old who claims to have A.D.D. but an adult with it , so I sincerely apologize if I ramble on a bit.

      Yes, laptops are quite powerful now-a-days. Unless you have a netbook then don’t waste your time. Just make sure you have decent ram usually 1gb is more than enough, on ghz, I wouldn’t be sure on. But 1.5ghz or higher is what I would expect. Anyways I’ll have a couple suggestions for run at home servers with laptops, and just some information about the ram use.
      I have a MacBook Pro 2011,so it has 4gb ram, 2.3ghz, so don’t do the following unless you have at least 4gb on your laptop, not my fault if anything happens.. Anyways extremely high speed internet/High Data Transfer rate Router doesn’t hurt, if you want outside of lan be sure the port is properly forwarded. But I play 4-5 players LAN, off my laptop. I run MC with my account, a Server with some Mods, and a second MC (unverified) through MC Patcher by clicking ‘Test Minecraft’ on the same laptop. Hint: That is usually the 5th player to cover me from creepers when finding ore/building houses. (But server must be in online-mode=false for unverified players like that)

      Anyways back to RAM use from playing it off a laptop, if you are like me, you run the server at or near 1-2gb (1gb is recommended by defualt on the server), then I run my main MC account with 1gb, and my second with 866mb, leaving a small space to run safari(youtube/wiki), itunes and any other thing that maybe ran on the side. Especially if you want to use an external comm. link, that may run some memory use, probably not much, but you wouldn’t want it to have you running at 99% (I use roughly around 3.5gb RAM at those levels which isn’t normal,but I’m not sure if you would need to increase your MC ram, but I would think it’s useful for the photorealism texture pack, and mods I run. Which is why I have my MC at double default ram, but if you could add more. No one is stopping you from having the most bad ass minecraft serving/running machine)

      By defualt a server runs at like 100mb (incredibly low) but when I started my first server was 2 people, and it ran fine, also did a three person was also OK at 100mb. But once really big building and modding comes in, 3-4 people would probably chomp up that memory quickly, if you want to run some mods you would want your server to be a little more, I personally would have it lowest 600mb-1gb, If you do run your server at 1gb ram, and play, be sure you have enough RAM. But if the server and MC run on the same machine on defualt settings would be (roughly) around 616mb, so 1gb of ram would run it in theory.. – JeffSorrows
      Also can find my characters on the Skindex author JeffSorrows

  9. manny says:

    About how much would it cost to make a server for 4 playera

  10. AveonWolf says:

    theres more to it as well. as I can’t play it because I don’t have an accelerated OpenGL mode whatever that is

  11. Joep says:

    Minecraft servers, as of 1.0.0, can use multiple cores, so now they won’t sit idle.

    So, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.
    but does any one know how many player can connect to a server with about 1.25GHz processor?

  12. XD says:

    i only have 1.8 mbs of upload and i can easily support 10+ people with no lag. as long as i don’t use worldgaurd on the server the requirements go down drastically… (probably one of the most useful plugins though..)

    never stress tested it. i really wanna get like 50 people together and just see how many it takes to lag it.

  13. Jason says:

    Aww man. I am using a laptop, on vista, on wifi (8 mb/s download, 3 mb/s upload, 2ghz processor, 1300 mhz ram, and i play on it at the same time :) perfect setup haha. It lags plenty

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