Minecraft Server Files and Folders

When the Minecraft server is run for the first time, it creates certain files. Here are the standard set of files created, along with their descriptions:-

1) server.properties

This is the main server configuration file and it holds the settings for multi-player Minecraft server. When initializing, the Minecraft server reads this file and sets certain parameters. Some of these parameters are game related, like those which tell whether or not to spawn animals, monsters, or grow trees, etc. Others are admin related like maximum players, or whether to allow players only from a whitelist, IP address of the server, port and more. Get more details from server.properties file.

2) ops.txt

The players entered in this file will have admin privileges. They can issue commands from their game consoles itself. They will be able to give items to other players, ban or pardon players, and more. The same commands that work on the Minecraft server console, will work from the game console as well, except that they must be prepended with a “/”.
For example:- /give player1 4 64
This command would give player1 64 numbers of item 4 (Cobblestone). If this command were to be given from the server console, you would not need the “/” before it.

Note:- Players can be made ops by using the op command from the server console as well. Once a player becomes op, he can make another player op, by using /op command. Get more details about Minecraft server commands.

3) banned.txt or banned-players.txt

The names of players who you want to ban from connecting to your server.

4) banned-ips.txt

The IP addresses you want to ban from connecting to your server.

5) white-list.txt

The white-list of players. Only these players will be allowed to connect to the Minecraft server. Note that you must set the “white-list” key to true, in the server.properties file, if you want only the players listed in white-list.txt to connect to your server.

6) server.log

The activities of the Minecraft server are logged in this file. It is generally the same content that you see in the server console.

7) world

This folder is where the map is created. Once you change the name of your world in the server.properties file (level-name=), then a new folder with the changed name will be created.

Note:- If any changes are made to these files, the Minecraft server will have to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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