How to Fix the Minecraft Black Screen Issue

The Black Screen is a very notorious fun-spoiler in Minecraft. Several players around the world have experienced this issue. The screen freezes and aborting the game or a hard reboot are the only possible options. Here are a few fixes for the Minecraft black screen, that have been compiled from various sources, and mainly suggested by gamers across the globe.

Note:- The fixes mentioned in this article have been suggested by gamers around the world. They are not official. Hence, there is no guarantee that the problem can get fixed. These fixes have worked for some gamers, while the problem has still persisted for others.

Suggested fixes:-
1) Deleting bin

For Windows OS – If you’re running Windows OS, press Start, type run, click on Run in the list that’s displayed in the Start menu itself. In the Run window type %appdata%. Click OK. Open the .minecraft folder. Some players suggest that deleting the entire bin folder should do the trick. So when you start Minecraft, the bin folder will be created afresh, and the necessary files will be downloaded.

For Mac OS X – If you’re running Mac OS X, then the minecraft folder can be found at :-
Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/minecraft

For LINUX – If you’re using LINUX, then the minecraft folder can most probably be found at (if you have not created any extra folders) :-

2) Deleting version file

Some others say that you need to simply open the bin folder (mentioned above) and delete the file, named version.

3) Reducing Render Distance

Another common fix for the black screen issue, that’s been mentioned in several posts is setting the Render Distance to normal or short, rather than far. When starting the game, click on Options, and then Video Settings and you should find the Render Distance setting. One thing to note here is that, this temporary fix has helped many players overcome the crash issue, at the cost of clear visuals. Setting Render Distance to normal or short reduces visual clarity.

4) Updating graphics drivers

Another solution mentioned in this regard, is to ensure that the graphics card drivers are up to date.

For Windows – To check this in Windows OS, press Start, type dxdiag in the search box and press Enter. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will open. Under the Display tab, in the Device section, check what is written alongside Name:. This is the graphics card used in your computer. Note this name and Google it to get the latest drivers. You can then download and install the latest drivers.

For Mac OS X – You can identify your graphics card by typing AppleSystemProfiler at the prompt in the Terminal. Or, if you’re using Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, then select the Apple menu, select About this Mac, select More Info and open System Profiler. Under Contents, expand the Hardware section. Select Graphics/Displays to see the graphics card being used. While you can always get the latest versions of these drivers from the internet, for Mac OS X 10.4.0 and later, you can install system updates, to make the necessary updating. For this, select Apple menu. Select Software Update. In case you see Mac OS X Update in the list, check it and then select Install Item. In case you don’t see Mac OS X Update in the list, then your drivers are up to date.

For LINUX – Type the following at the prompt in the terminal:-
lspci -v

The name displayed against VGA compatible controller: indicates the graphics card.
Here lspci lists information about the PCI buses in the system and about the devices connected to them.
-v gives the info in verbose (detailed).

5) Replacing fz.class

In a post in, a fix for the black screen and socket error crashes has been given. This is strictly meant for the pre-Halloween (2010) release of minecraft. A new fz.class has been made available (check post for link). The minecraft.jar file has to be opened using one of the available editors and the existing fz.class file has to be replaced with the new one. The MOJANG files located in the /META-INF directory of the jar file have to be deleted as well. The Manifest file is to be left untouched. While some people have reported in the thread that this fix solved their problems, there are other reports saying that the crashes still persist.

6) Allocating more memory

Some others had suggested that black screens happen due to shortage of memory allocated to minecraft.
java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar minecraft_server.jar
In the above line, 1GB of RAM is allocated to minecraft server. If the RAM is of high capacity, then even 2GB or more can be allocated. Some people have experienced lesser crashes after increasing the memory allocated.

Note:- The Minecraft_Server.exe from the official website already has additional memory included for the game. Thus, there’s no need to bother about memory when using this exe.

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