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    If you're planning on hosting a Minecraft Server, it is best you find a suitable provider. A list of Minecraft Server hosts is presented below. Details of the servers along with the prices have also been given. You can choose the one that best fits your bill, depending on the number of people you wish to host, your budget and the server features you are looking for. Happy Minecrafting!

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a month
Refund:7 days
Connection:upto 1Gb
Players:upto 5
a month
Ram:upto 1GB
Players:upto 5
a months
Popular Minecraft Providers RAM Connection Max No. of
Support Monthly

Minecraft has much to offer to a wide variety of gamers and offers multiplayer gameplay unmatched by any game of its kind.

- 5 - $5/month See Deal

Minecraft Classic (Free Version)

- 1-12 Backups : Unlimited € 12.00 See Deal
Provision Host

At Provision Host we offer an all in one hosting solution, whether it is for personal or community use.

- 5 Dedicated Resources $9.95/month See Deal

USA Minecraft Hosting

1GBPS 2 - $3.59 USD See Deal

If you are looking to host a small Minecraft server our shared packages are perfect

100Mbps 10 Database Support $14.99 See Deal
Redstone hosting

Minecraft uses 1 core, and once you start adding modded servers.

25GB Bandwidth Per Month - CPanel, Email, FTP $6.99/Monthly See Deal

Minecraft is a sandbox building indie video game .

+10 Slot 4 players $6.00 See Deal

Order Now Order an Aussie Minecraft server now from as little as $10.00, a Source server for as little as $1.80 a slot.

- 6 - $10.00 AUD monthly See Deal

VeoServ was set up with the intention of providing Quality Game Servers at Great Prices, with Excellent Support

- 1-5 24/7 Support £3.39 See Deal

We don't want to control what you do with your Minecraft server- so we grant you full access

- - - $7 See Deal
Shadys Hosting

Shady's Hosting provide only the best in Minecraft Server solutions with our dedicated servers

1Gbps 8 24/7 - email,support tickets, forum, phone $3.00 See Deal

Everything you need is preinstalled and ready to go, and your server is always ready for you to start mining

- - - £3.50GBP See Deal

MinecraftOn! offers servers of all sizes to meet your individual needs.

100Mbps 1-4 Bukkit Support $16 .00/month See Deal
Exodus Hosting

Best minecraft and source game server hosting

100Mbps 8 Bukkit Support $8.95/ Monthly See Deal

Game Hosting Solutions powered by Lowpinggameservers for gamers who need maximum reliability

192mb to 4 gig 4 - 128 Unlimited Minecraft Profiles $6.95USD See Deal

Free backups. 7 day refund policy.

- No Slot Restrictions Full FTP Access $11.95 See Deal

VPS range provides an out-of-the-box solution for people who are new to VPS and want something that just works.

1TB Transfer - - $14.95/month See Deal
Relentless Hosting

Relentless Hosting offer a variety of Dedicated Server packages

10GB - - $20/month See Deal

Go break some blocks today on your very own Minecraft server

- 6 CraftBukkit Pre-installed $7.00/mo See Deal

Game on the best servers money can buy! Choose from our performance

- - FREE McMyAdmin! $5.97 See Deal

We are pleased to offer great, affordable and reliable Game hosting services

- - 24/7 Web Support $5/month See Deal

Tgservers.com welcomes you to the Tactical-GameServers Minecraft "Cloud"

- - - - See Deal

We specialize in Shared and Reseller web hosting. Currently we operate out of three datacenters

50 GB Bandwidth - 24/7 Support $4.99/month See Deal

Visit the Order Form to browse the Products & Services we offer

- 1-8 Players 24/7 Technical Support $14.99 USD See Deal

Minecraft Server Hosting Guide

Minecraft Server Hosting can be lots of fun! Here is a guide that you can use for this purpose:-

Is your System Up To Scratch?

Hosting Minecraft Server can be quite tasking for your computer. Certain minimum system requirements must be met. Therefore ensure that it is equipped with the right kind of specifications for running the server. The RAM, the network connectivity speed (especially upload speed), the processor etc., must be powerful enough to handle the hosting. This again depends on how many people you would allow to connect to your server. When it comes to operating system, you get Minecraft server installers for Windows, Mac OS X and LINUX (of various flavors). So there is no need to worry about compatibility in this regard. In case your system is not powerful enough for hosting, don't lose heart. You can always rent a server, which usually proves to be more beneficial, when it comes to management.

Pre-requisites - Minecraft server dependencies

Minecraft server is a Java application. Hence, if you want to run it, your system must have the right version of Java installed on it and recognized by the OS.

Set Up Minecraft Server

To set up Minecraft Server, first download the installer on to your system. The official one is located at http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp .You can as well download a third party (not Mojang) server too. Many custom Minecraft servers have been developed by various third parties. A custom minecraft server list is available here. Create a separate folder for Minecraft and put the installer there.

Running the Server

For Windows OS, you get a .exe file which can be double clicked to start Minecraft server. You get a .jar file for other operating systems (including Windows too). There are several ways of running the server. You can either use the command terminal and type out the command to start the server, or create starter files (.bat for Windows, .sh for LINUX and .command for Mac OS X) to make things easier. Simply starting these files would be easier than typing out commands.


When the Minecraft server is run for the first time, some folders and files are created. These are required for configuration. You will have to alter certain properties or keys in the files, in-order to customize your server. Any changes made to these files will take effect only when the server is restarted. Therefore, stop the Minecraft server first, make the required changes to the files and then restart it again. Once this is done, your friends should be able to connect using the Minecraft server IP address and the port number on which the server is hosted. You can as well install a relevant Minecraft server mod or more to enhance your game features, or to help with admin related tasks.

Port Forwarding

If you are using a router for connecting to the internet, then you will have to forward the port, on which Minecraft server accepts connections. Only after port forwarding, will people outside your network (LAN) be able to connect to your server.

Setting up a Private Network

You can as well set up a private Minecraft network (VPN), for enhanced security while playing Minecraft. In this kind of network, only those people who are given the credentials can connect. Anyone who connects, despite being from a different network (on the internet), will be treated as if he/she is a part of your local network.

Provision Host
Provision Host offer hosting solutions for gamers, with servers located in the USA, Canada and the UK. They have exclusive plans for Minecraft servers, with monthly rentals starting from $14.95. A range of plans, with varying rentals, server specifications and other features, is available. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions are as well offered, and these come with discounts. While they completely manage the servers, users are given SSH and SFTP access, so that they can install mods and plugins of their choice.

Mossycobble are totally dedicated to offering server hosting for Minecraft. They provide both shared and dedicated servers. While the shared server plans start at $14.99, the dedicated server plans start at $34.99. Regular backups are taken to protect user data. A variety of mods and plugins are supported and users are given FTP access for installation and configuration. Thus users have full server control. An in-house support team is also available for sorting out issues, if any.

MyMCServ are presently a Minecraft-server-only hosting company, based in Florida, USA, providing a number of shared and managed server plans. Tariffs start at $3.95 per month for the shared servers, and $7.95 per month for the managed. Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual plans are available. Users are given the choice of selecting and installing mods and plugins via FTP. They can as well back their data up, using one of the control panels provided.

EdgeVPS, offer numerous web hosting plans, with Minecraft server hosting included. This provider has a variety of packages for Minecraft, with rentals beginning from $5 a month. With the Multicraft control panel offered, users can control their servers. For installation of mods and plugins, full FTP access is provided too. Users are also given the freedom to install the OS of their choice.

Global7Hosting offer services in the USA and the UK. Their Minecraft server package starts at $8.99 per month. There are a total of 5 plans at present for Minecraft server hosting, with different server specs and features. The Craftbukkit mod comes pre-installed with these packages.

Game server hosting provider, AllGamer, operate in the USA and the Netherlands. Minecraft server is part of the numerous other games they support. They have 3 kinds of Minecraft server hosting plans - Minecraft Classic, Minecraft Beta Premium and Minecraft Beta Budget. The budget plan costs $7.7 a month and comes with minimal features. The Classic and Beta plans start at $12.5 a month. Higher value plans come with more advanced features. Additional charges apply for McMyAdmin plugin and data back-ups.

Minecraft Total Solution are a Minecraft-focused hosting provider, located at St Louis, MO. They offer 4 different packages for Minecraft, starting at $11.95. Full FTP access is offered so that users can install mods and plugins. The Multicraft control panel that's provided, allows users to control their server. Free back-ups are as well provided to secure user data.

VDSNode, a business-centric provider, offer VDS (virtual dedicated server) and VPS (virtual private server) hosting plans. While they do not have Minecraft-specific packages, their powerful servers can be used for the purpose. Their VPS plans begin at $19.99 a month. They have 2 facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, but also operate internationally. A noteworthy aspect of this provider is that they compensate the customer if they are unable to meet an SLA (Service Level Agreement) commitment.

Tree Puncher are a part of Kerplunc Gaming and offer exclusive Minecraft server hosting plans. With a datacenter at Phoenix, AZ , this provider is currently focused only in the USA, though they have plans of seeping into the UK soon. Their Minecraft server plans start at $5 per month for 5 slots, after which they charge $1 per slot. While they support the Craftbukkit mod, they also allow users to install their own plugins. Server control and updating can be done via the GameCP web interface offered.

Colorhost web hosting provider offer both shared as well as dedicated servers for a variety of purposes, both business and gaming. They have 3 exclusive Minecraft server hosting plans. The $15.75 per-month-plan is the one with the lowest rental. Users are offered the Minecraft control panel for taking charge of their servers.

MinecraftOn! as the name suggests, are a Minecraft-server-only hosting provider. They have a wide range of plans that start from a monthly rental of $16. The servers are completely managed by them. However, they also provide SSH and FTP access to users for installing mods and plugins of their choice. An exclusive MinecraftOn! panel is as well offered for controlling the server and taking backups. Daily remote backups are also done by the provider themselves.